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Brand Guidelines

Approved Company Description

Miami Life is a leading independent advisory firm specializing in Wealth Enhancement, Estate Planning & Asset Protection for U.S. and International clientele. We provide expert advice and premium services to create appropriate insurance structures and solutions. Focusing on intelligent insurance strategies to help uncover, understand, and engage with affluent clients.

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Access our logos from this folder.

Please follow the guidelines listed below.

We have two versions of our logo to allow for flexibility in usage depending on the format and usable space of the intended application. For instance, if horizontal space is limited then use the Vertical version and, similarly, if vertical space is limited then use the Horizontal version.

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Single Version Colors

For use on dark colored backgrounds or photography we have a White version of our logo, this should be used to ensure the logo appears clearly with enough contrast between the logo itself and background it appears on. Care must be taken to select the correct version in order to achieve the best clarity.

In some circumstances color may not be available, in those situations we have a Black version of our logo. This is intended only for use when color is unavailable for use on light or white colored backgrounds.

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Protected Space

In order to ensure legibility of the logo on all applications including third party materials, the logo is subject to a minimum protected spacing rule. This is defined by the height of the letter ‘M’ as shown opposite.

No other logos, text or graphic elements should be allowed inside this protected area.

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Endorsement Mark

The ‘M’ motif for Miami Life has been developed to act as a mark of endorsement and quality. One that can be used in isolation from the overall logo lockup. The ‘M’ motif should only be reproduced using the approved brand color palette along with solid black and white where appropriate. It should never be used in addition to the full Miami Life logo when appearing within the same visual space.

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Color Palette

Primary Colors

When it is important to signal Miami Life’s brand equity with color alone, then ML Blue is our core color to be used in conjunction with ML Gray. The primary colors should be used as the dominant colors on all materials such as on the front cover of brochures, leaflets, or as the main colors on digital applications.

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Secondary Colors

Our secondary color palette has been chosen to complement our primary color palette and should be used as accents and highlights to compliment the primary colors to bring variety and vibrancy to communications.

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Brand Font

Secondary Colors

The brand fonts for Miami Life are a combination of Aeonik (sans serif) and Miller Banner (serif). The sans serif being the main font for body copy and the serif being used for headlines, quotes and highlighted data or statistics.

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